#RiseOfTheBadger: Invisible in a World of Twitchers

Welcome back to #RiseOfTheBadger: The new blog by the same author that brought you 60 Days Of Meat, The Fourth Cat and Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: The Journey Begins #RiseOfTheBadger follows my online gaming persona "honeybadger" on a journey into the world of online video game streaming. #RiseOfTheBadger It's now been a few weeks since pressing … Continue reading #RiseOfTheBadger: Invisible in a World of Twitchers

#RiseOfTheBadger: The Set Up

Good Day one and all, welcome back to #RiseOfTheBadger. Firstly let me thank you for coming and taking a look at my blog. Now you have had a little introduction as to why we are doing this and who "HoneyBadger" is, I would like to briefly go over some of the requirements for this streaming … Continue reading #RiseOfTheBadger: The Set Up

#RiseOfTheBadger: A Brief History

Not read the first post to #RiseOfTheBagder ? Click here to read it first Meet "HoneyBadger" That right there, that fine example of a young man you see before you is the "HoneyBadger" "HoneyBadger" has been my online persona for a number of years now. Mainly since getting back into the PC gaming arena when … Continue reading #RiseOfTheBadger: A Brief History