#RiseOfTheBadger : Unlocking The Memories Of Times Gone By

#RiseOfTheBadger – What is it? That’s a question that I find myself having to re- visit. Once upon a time is was going to be a blog about entering the world of video game streaming. It was going to be about one man and his journey of live streaming his game play to the world via Twitch- one of the biggest streaming platforms. #RiseOfTheBadger is evolving, changes are afoot and it’s taken on a new life.

#RiseOfTheBadger is becoming so much more than I could ever imagined. As I sit here at my desk in the early hours of a Saturday morning listening to the chirping of the beady eyed birds singing their morning chorus, my mind ponders the reality of what is happening here. A whisker off 39 years of age, beard greying, slightly balding hair, waistline expanding – could this be my mid-life crisis? Am I clawing back at my youth? Am I trying trying to unlock the hidden childhood memories that have long been forgotten? I’m not entirely sure, but this path i’m on is becoming less about streaming video games and more a journey that’s delving deeper into the inner workings of my mind.

Memories of my childhood are few and far between. In fact, most of the memories that I did have were not the happiest. It’s not that my childhood was particularly horrible nor is it that i didn’t enjoy my childhood, because in all honestly – it was great. A child growing up in a seaside town in the 80’s and 90’s was a wonderful time to grow up. It was a magical time. A time of Roller discos, arcade games, and home entertainment. VCRs, Spectrums and Commodore 64’s, Amiga 500’s, Atari St and so many more. Two decades of utter awesomeness and I was one of the privileged few to get the chance to grow up in them – I even had a pair of Bauer roller skates! I could skate forwards, i could skate backwards – heck I could even jump. One cool cat!

The movies – oh my – the movies. So many fantastic films were coming out during that time. Some of the greatest B movies ever made were being released, and it was all becoming accessible in the home. Not only were movie rental shops opening up, there were even ones that came to you. Car boots crammed with the latest releases you could take inside your own home and watch. A childhood packed with dreams and adventures, a day and age when anything was possible and the future was becoming a reality.

Since the arrival of the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) I have begun to verge on becoming a little obsessed with retro gaming. The more I look back, the more I remember the things I loved. My game collection is now growing. Real physical copies of “flashback”, “The Terminator”, “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, everyone’s favourite “Ecco The Dolphin” and even a little gem called “Budokan” , a game that had long been forgotten. It’s like unlocking a secret part of the mind, a room hidden away that you never had the key to. You can see the light under the door, you have a sense of feeling that whatever lies beyond that door is going to be amazing, but you just can’t get in. Then you find it. The one key that fits. The key that is going to change you life forever. And that my friends is whats happening here #RiseofTheBadger is my key.

The door has been opened, I’m delving deeper into the past. In fact, it’s now been a few weeks since any streaming has been done, because right now I am on this voyage of remembrance. I opened up my wifes Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k a couple of weeks ago, modded it slightly by snipping a few wires here and attaching a wire there, and to my amazement i plugged it in and it worked. I then loaded my first game “Manic Miner” and away we went.

I’ve constantly been looking through all the games that I used to play. “Daley Thompsons Decathlon” – this game broke joysticks. I used to have this on the Commodore 64, and if I remember rightly, we ended up getting a brightly coloured, steel shafted joystick because we broke the plastic one, we being my brother and myself.

Then there’s “Bruce Lee” . I’m not sure how I could ever have forgotten this game, as this was one of my all time favourites. It was and still is quite remarkable. Playing it now produces the biggest of grins and a feeling of great contentment, a sense of well being and calm enters my body. Perhaps its a little therapy for the tribulations of adult life.

Moving on from the spectrum I have started looking at old arcade games that I used to play. Two of them give me incredibly fond memories of going to the pub with my father. While he was supping on his pint in the smoke filled room, I would quite happily make my way to the arcade cabinet, pop in my 10 pence and prepare for carnage in a game of “Commando” or “Jailbreak”. Infuriatingly hard, but incredibly satisfying, and now I have the joys of replaying them over and over again.

So, as you see, at the moment there isn’t too much streaming going on, not that I don’t intend to return, I’m just riding this wave of nostalgia, unlocking the greatest memories of times gone by. A personal journey of self discovery, and for now at least capturing some of these moments and uploading them to you tube. So feel free, if you will, to join me, in fact feel free to let me know what old arcade games and spectrum games you used to play. Join me on #RiseOfTheBadger.

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