#RiseOfTheBadger : Hello my old friend, it is nice to see you again…

A warm welcome back to #RiseOfTheBagder, I thank-you for sticking with me on this adventure into the world of live video game streaming. In the last blog post, after starting out back in November, I mentioned a change which was brought on by reliving the magic of the Gamecube. Gaming has finally made it back home, and by Jove, it’s all getting exciting!

Welcome Home My Friend, I’ve Missed You

Sega Megadrive. A name that has forever gained a place in my heart. A console from my gaming prime. During my teenage years I spent countless hours hidden away in my bedroom with this black beauty by my side, my first true Love. Sure I had encountered the spectrum and the commodore C64, enjoying each on it’s own merits, but the Sega Megadrive was a little different. This little 16 bit cherished nugget of a machine came into to my life just at the right time where it would forever etch its way into my heart. A time of great pubescent turmoil and mental strive. An unbreakable bond formed between man and machine that would last into eternity.

Ok, not quite; a few years later, after the Mega CD add-on and the arrival of the Dreamcast, the Megadrive was cast aside. At the time, I didn’t realise just how profound an affect that little machine had on me. But now, once again, in a time of great turmoil i find myself yearning to touch its ergonomic controller, to feel it’s cool plastic shell enveloped in my hands, thumbs caressing the d-pad and pressing furiously on its buttons. A divine dream of a distant past, an era of hardcore gaming, of blue hedgehogs and earth worms in space suits. In this day of middle aged madness, my friend has come home to help a man in mid life crisis.

A New Stream, A new Start, A New Honeybadger

As always it’s not all plain sailing. Along with the new idea of re-igniting my passion for gaming, in order to have an adequate stream, it’s meant that I have had to procure new hardware.

Whilst the Hauppage HD PVR seemed ok intially, it actually turned out that getting it to capture the video to a stream successfully was nigh on impossible. With the software that I was familiar with, Xsplit, whatever I tried I could not get a stable picture. It would bounce around and then decide to split up into a mass of blocks resulting in a cycle of having to reset the device every so often. Then the sound was out, and no matter how i tried to add a delay, the sound would not sync to the video feed.

Giving up on Xsplit, i tried Streamlabs OBS. This resulted in a great stable picture, yet sound had become absent. Again, no matter what I tried, I could not extract sound from the feed. So on the one hand i had streaming software that gave great video but no sound, and the other I had unstable video with out of sync sound. Streaming was an impossibility……..until I stumbled across the Elgato Game Capture HD. This little feat of technological engineering solved all my problems. Great video feed and in sync sound.

The next problem came in the form of an invisible static force consuming my microphone. Within a few minutes of use, my voice would be silenced by constant popping and whooshing rendering my efforts of conversation futile. Welcome then, the Neewer NW700. This was a blessing in disguise as it actually turned out to be a real treat. Going from a microphone slapped on a desk, to a microphone on a boom arm is remarkable. It just looks wonderful and can be moved around to my hearts content.

Now, as I had also been playing about with streaming software. While trying out Streamlabs OBS – or Slobs– as it’s known, I found myself extremely excited by it. Using Slobs seemed so easy to set up. Its features can be integrated onto Twitch with remarkable ease. Setting up chat boxes and alerts can all be done at the touch of a button. Not only that, there are multiple overlays that can be added and edited, even animated overlays, which is something i would never have imagined I could have on a stream unless I called upon the powers of a graphic designer or spent hours on end researching myself. So this is now my streaming software of choice…

Now we begin again. #RiseOfTheBadger is reset. It’s mission, to enter the world of video game streaming, old school style. Back to the days of passion, and commitment. The Sega Megadrive has arrived and from out of the shadows, The Badger will rise again.

Join me on this marvellous adventure:

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