#RiseOfTheBadger: Invisible in a World of Twitchers

Welcome back to #RiseOfTheBadger: The new blog by the same author that brought you 60 Days Of Meat, The Fourth Cat and Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: The Journey Begins

#RiseOfTheBadger follows my online gaming persona “honeybadger” on a journey into the world of online video game streaming.


It’s now been a few weeks since pressing that broadcasting button for the first time and going live. After that first week there is a slight air of disappointment lingering. Initially, it was all so exciting, the odd person was dropping by here and there, a couple of chatters turned up, but……..  it all went quiet. I’ve managed to get to a grand total of 21 followers, the odd person would drop by my stream, then vanish into thin air just as soon as they had arrived. That seems to be where we are at! 

Honeybadger: The Invisible Twitcher

I wonder how many people across the world are streaming live. I can only imagine that the number is profoundly large. It’s quite impressive to think that you can do this full time, not just as a way of making a living, but becoming rich. The work that goes into it, the cost of the set up,  it takes some serious dedication, and the competition is almost endless. So how does one go about being different and getting themselves seen? 

Somehow the HoneyBadger must overcome these obstacles and find a way. Knock down those walls, make himself seen and heard by the masses and take the Glory that is rightfully his. 

I mean look at his face, he doesn’t look anything like Noel Edmunds, but by god what a beautiful man he is.

The first thing I changed was introducing a streaming schedule. In order for viewers to find you, then they obviously need to know when you are going to be streaming. At first I had just been logging on, posting on twitch and away we go, impromptu streams. But that doesn’t work well.

Lets think outside the box a little, let us think of streaming as opening a shop. Every shop displays opening hours. If a customer turns up at your shop when you are closed, then the opening hours inform the customer of when you will be open so they can come back with the knowledge you will be there. If there are no opening hours, is this customer going to return? Doubtful

So indeed we can attribute this to a stream. You can advertise your stream all over the internet, but if nobody knows when you are going to be online, then they won’t know when to come back! Yes they can follow you and be notified by email, but imagine if they decide to follow everyone they came across and received an email each time those people went live. That’s a lot of emails cluttering up the inbox for people they have never seen. A follow rarely comes before being watched. Schedule could well be critical to building an audience. Of course, when you have other life commitments and responsibilities, sticking to this schedule is no easy task. I found myself deviating from it often, which can be just as detrimental as not having a schedule! 

A Change of Content

I play games because I like to play games, that won’t change. The game of choice at the minute is still PUBG. It’s had me hooked right from the start. I think it’s because it came along at the right time. I was getting tired of Dayz, Forlorn Hope had almost disbanded apart from the founding members, and PUBG brought with it a refreshing challenge. If offered great variety from close quarters combat to stealthy sniper skills. It’s fast paced, yet there are times of calm, but the tense atmosphere of never knowing whats going to happen next is always retained. What’s more, in order to win, it’s not always about the skills you have with shooting a gun, which is all good as at my age these abilities are starting to wane. Anybody can win using any play-style they like. Its all about survival!

However, there are a fair few thousand people streaming this game live right now. Step in Wandering_Hans and the suggestion of competitive game-play.

Faceit & The WackyJacky Survivors League

Wandering_Hans came across Faceit and the WackyJacky Survivors league. WackyJacky, who i had not heard of before, is a popular streamer and you-tube content creator who has created the PUBG Survivors League. 

For a small monthly fee you can subscribe to the Survivors League and play competitively against people all across Europe with the chance of winning real prizes of up to $500 for a 1st place position in a season. 

The points scoring system takes into account that the objective of the game is to be the last man standing. The higher you place, the more points you get, so it is entirely possible to win a season if you continuously place in the top ten, which, with the right stealthy tactics, is entirely possible for anyone! Of the Course, The Badger signed up! 

Getting back into the streaming world, throughout the first week, most of the games I took part in were from the league. The league games tend to be a little quieter, for a start there are less players in the lobby, probably for better server stability/performance, and the pace of the game is slower – depending on where you land of course, land at a high pop landing area and all hell breaks loose- however the intensity  is amplified. Some of the players who play in the league are Pro players, it feels like you really are fighting for survival, it makes the game fresh. 

As the games went on I found a few more people popping by the stream, no chatters, but there were people passing through. Last Sunday, at the height of a game in the Sunday Survivors League (Sunday survivors league is a special add-on to the seasons they already run with smaller prizes for the day) I managed to get 5 viewers in the stream at once. It may not seem like a great deal of people, but if we look at the bigger picture of the sheer amount of streamers out there, I consider this an achievement……although it didn’t last. Within minutes they were gone again.

It was a little disheartening seeing them leave as quick as they had come. The time span these people were watching for didn’t even allow me to shoot my gun, in fact if they had hung about for just a few more moments, then they would have been witness to one of my most exciting moments. My first league kill. 

It wasn’t until I went back through the stream the next day that I realised why people would leave within seconds of being in the stream. It was a classic school boy error on my behalf. I had altered the sound settings and in doing so I had un-clicked a single button. Fatal mistake, as this lead to an echo over the microphone making the sound horrendous. It was a costly mistake and gone are the viewers that I could have had. It’s a harsh, competitive world out there and one must be sure that the stream is good to go at all times otherwise…..they will not come……

The Badger Will Rise Again…..

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