#RiseOfTheBadger: A Brief History


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Meet “HoneyBadger”

badgerThat right there, that fine example of a young man you see before you is the “HoneyBadger”

“HoneyBadger” has been my online persona for a number of years now. Mainly since getting back into the PC gaming arena when the “Arma 2 mod: Dayz” appeared on the scene.

Back in 2012, After spending many years away from partaking in any real gaming sessions, it was the Dayz mod that re-ignited my passion for gaming. Looking back, the release couldn’t of come at a better time as it coincided with a few health problems which brought me crashing back down to earth making me realise that I was just a mere mortal. That’s right people, we are all pretty vulnerable, its a harsh world out there, so make the best you can of each day and be kind to one another!

Essentially the Dayz mod is a zombie survival simulation. The aim of the game, to survive in a world full of zombies. This was done by hunting, crafting, building, and defending yourself from terrible people that only wanted to hurt you and steal your goodies – bandits. It was a online multi-player game with a capacity of 100 people per server, all thrown on to a giant map. The ideal role playing scenario, you played the game however you wanted to play. The key point to make, is that this game was like no game I had ever played. It opened up a whole new world. Interacting with people from all walks of life. The atmosphere it created was intense, the adrenaline rush of not knowing whether a new person would be friendly or want to beat you down gripped The Badger and millions of others. No two sessions of game-play were alike, in fact it wasn’t a game, it was a way of life.

It is here that saw the birth of the “HoneyBadger” Perhaps not the most original of names, but it was one that stuck. There were many names that have gone before, but, The Badger seemed to suit the play-style and real world events at the time. In fact, what sealed the deal, was the below video “The crazy nasty ass honeybadger”….

Forlorn Hope

forlorn hope

A band of merry men quite unlike any you have seen before. Forlorn Hope was the name given to our group of unlikely heroes.

These were the guys you sent in when the stakes were high, when danger was rife and the risk of coming back alive was low. True warriors always willing to take on the challenge of being at the forefront of danger. Selfless, loud, proud and had balls of steal!

Forlorn Hope consisted of myself, a young chap I went to school with back in the day, my brother from half way around the world and my former flatmate. At the height of Forlorn hope, we spent many hours wandering around the world of Dayz, getting into all kinds of situations. There were laughs aplenty, amusement, horror and excitement.  Deep emotional bonds were formed. We became brothers in arms.

Nowadays, Wandering Hans and myself are the only playing members of Forlorn Hope, but the candle still burns and one day we keep the faith that “Forlorn Hope” will once again return to its former glory and the merry men will be reunited in a new world for new adventures of great magnitude.



So brief History lesson over. Its time to delve straight into the world of streaming. So come and join the Badger on his new adventure. Stay close, it’s going to be a bumpy ride:

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