60 Days Of Meat: Week 6 & 7 Complete

Welcome back to 60 days of meat.

I honestly never thought that I would last this long, but look at that, 7 weeks completed. 49 days of eating near on nothing but meaty goodness. Glorious.

You may have noticed I am incorporating both weeks 6 and 7 into the same blog post. The reason, because week 6 entails being back at work after the wonderful Cornish retreat. Frankly, who wants to hear about me going back to work, day in day out, driving a two hour round trip so I can sit in a small office, in front of a computer, talking about tyres to strangers all day. Pretty mundane, but a necessity in life. The day job.

So out with the mundane and in with something bloody marvellous. Trust me, you will like this one, if you like meat of course, if not, well you might just find yourself trying a new way of eating. But first, lets take a look at the stats:


End of Week 7 Stats:

  • Weight: 179lbs
  • Belly Circumference: 40 inches
  • Blood Pressure: 128/77
  • Flatulence levels: I managed one huge ripper in my sleep the other night (sleep app recorded)
  • Snoring: Cured

Again, the stats are pretty much levelling off. Whilst weight is hovering around the same area I am noticing it more. I put on a pair of jeans a couple of days ago, this particular pair I hadn’t worn for a while. It turns out my partner in crime was able to pull them down to my ankles without undoing jean nor belt. Ideal if you are in the mood for something a little naughty and time is of the essence! It seems I am not the chunky monkey I was starting to become.

I just thought I would add snoring in there, just to remind you all that it is cured. There has been no snoring since being on the meat. I still find this remarkable. I keep randomly activating the sleep talker app to record throughout the night, just to see if i can catch a slight snore. But no, no snoring, just the occasional mumbling of a madman. I announced Autumn had arrived a couple of nights ago. On the same night, in the early hours of the morning, my arse trumpet sounded. The silence was shattered by a fierce eruption of air that ripped my arse cheeks apart and rumbled out into the night. If I had been awake I am sure it would have felt like I was tearing myself a new arsehole. I often wonder how my body does this in sleep mode????

But enough wondering, lets move on.


Week 6 Overview:

I made a mistake. Cornwall was a fantastic place, but I should have never eaten the Pasty. I have paid the price dearly this week. Week 6 is the reason I haven’t written for awhile. I have been struggling. There has been an internal battle, new cravings for carbs. I knocked myself out of ketosis, and into oblivion.

moodyMy mood has been on a low ebb. My mind filled with thoughts of cakes, burgers and chips. I confused my body, I tricked it into thinking that all would be okay. But alas it wasn’t.

Really, I suppose I can’t blame it entirely on the pasty, although I think it was responsible for the downward spiral. For one we have the Holiday Blues. After two weeks off work, going back is always going to be annoying. A week in Germany, then a week camping in Cornwall. Coming back to reality was harsh. It hit me like a brick to the face.

Secondly. There was another loss in the Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Community. This young lady was very special, I had the honour of meeting her at a conference in May. It hit me hard. It’s always hard hearing about the loss of others with the same rare condition as you, but when they are so young and you know them personally, it breaks your heart.

I hadn’t actually planned on saying anything about that, however it is relevant. I mean, comfort eating. When we are down, I think its very natural to eat. Chocolate would have been my choice, lots of it. I could have quite easily chomped down on a massive bar of dairy milk. Or how about taking on a 14 inch seafood pizza, and a few bottles of beer wouldn’t have gone astray. Yes, momentarily, they would have made me feel great again, although I knew that feeling would have been short-lived if I had succumbed to it. So despite the compelling urge to give up on 60 days of meat, I soldiered on….with a little help. Going into week 7, we turned this mood on its head.


Week 7 Overview

img_3558I used to look at steak as something of a rare treat. Now I eat it all the time. That was all well and good when I first began 60 days of meat, but it’s not a special rare treat anymore. It’s getting tedious. There are only few different varieties of meat that one can eat in a week before interest becomes lost. Step in “The Other Half”, step in “The Love of my Life”.

This week she has rocked my world (something she does on a regular basis) and brought me back from the brink. She has shown me the light and shown me there is so much more to be discovered. Eating Meat doesn’t have to mean boring. There is plenty that can be done and we are about to scratch away at that surface.


img_3532Say hello to homemade doner kebab meat! Marvel at the sheer size of this monstrosity. A kilo of minced lamb with spices and flavourings, roasted in the oven. This my friends, will satisfy anyone who was thinking of straying away from the path of meat.

I can assure you that it is a taste-bud tantalising treat. Eating meat doesn’t have to be boring. Watching something like this being made is very exciting. Its like having your own kebab shop in your kitchen. You don’t even have to pick up the phone to order it.

I would never have thought of making something like this. My culinary skills would never have allowed it to happen. I am privileged to have such a masterful fiancee. Thankyou! You can find the recipe over on UK Carnivore Club

It doesn’t end there either. I have now been introduced to the ultimate food. This has been a regular feast since it began at the beginning of the week. In fact, if there was one item of food that I had to live on for the rest of my life, then this would be it.

Forget your Pizza. Meet Meatzza


There is nothing on this earth that presents itself as a tastier treat. For me, this is perfection. This is the saviour of my 60 days of meat challenge. I was once a lover of pizza, but now I am the greatest fan of Meatzza. It is a mighty meat feast and I do believe that this could be the one food I will never stop eating for as long as I live.


The two different bases I have eaten have been that of turkey and beef. Whilst I prefer the former, they are both out of this world. Top the bases with a minuscule amount of chopped tomato, more meat (pepperoni is an obvious choice)  and finally plenty of delicious, oozy cheese. The world is now your oyster.

Steak and bacon on the turkey base is just mouth watering. They also incredibly filling. Try it, you will be amazed. In fact go check out how it’s done on UK Carnivore Club

So after a dismal week 6, I am back on track this week. As I am closing in on the end of the 60 days, and I am starting to feel that this way of eating may just continue. I have learnt a lot on this journey so far and I believe it is far from over. I no longer see myself having a big splurge on carbs when it’s done, but I can quite easily envision myself going beyond. This diet, this 60 days of meat. It is changing my life, it is changing my way of thinking and I am beginning to feel there is no going back.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog update. Again I shall leave you with a few more images, and if you would like to read some more of my writings then head on over to The Mighty

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Until next week…


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5 thoughts on “60 Days Of Meat: Week 6 & 7 Complete

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  2. Fantastic post! Glad to hear you stayed strong to ZC despite the sad loss of your friend. I think this way of eating does get easier the longer you do it. Your results are so remarkable that I would hope you wouldn’t want to compromise or reverse them by falling back into eating carbs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Michelle. I’m surprised myself at the results, the closer I get to the end of the 60 days, the more I can’t see myself going back to the way I’d eaten before. As time goes by I am becoming less interested in carby foods.

      And also, thanks for sharing the blog!


  3. A very interesting read… thank you for taking the time to share.
    I’m liking the info on the snoring thing… my flat mate hates me for snoring… I so need a cute. I started trying to get into Keto 6 weeks ago but I’m not successful. Done lots of reading today and I think I’m eating too much protein. Then I read your blog so now I’m really confused.
    You seem to be doing something very right where as I am not.
    Any advice would be appreciated…

    Aspiration is the word for you!


  4. I love this approach to zero carb. The first time I did zero Carb was way november and the results were fantastic. I’ve been zero carb with stints of Keto ever since…honestly, zero carb simply makes me feel better. When veggies are reintroduced my gastric distress is off the charts. Look forward to following your journey.


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