60 Days Of Meat: Week 5 Complete, Cornwall Camptastic

Welcome back to 60 Days of Meat

It’s been a while my friends. It appears I am behind. Like sand, time has been slipping through my fingers lately. Blink and its gone. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I seem to notice it more now; perhaps this just comes with age, or with being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

What I do know, is that time is not something we are promised and can be taken away, so spend your time wisely, in a way that pleases you. I know it’s not always possible, but it is important. Just recently there was another death in the Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Community. Another warrior taken too soon. She was a few years younger than myself, 31, and only a few months before that, her brother was also taken. It troubles me. I often try to put these thoughts of the affliction to the back of mind, but they only lay dormant until they are brought close to the surface. It is during these times that it becomes worrisome. But alas, onwards we must soldier for it is not something we can control nor influence, so …



Lands end

Week 5 is complete and it was a Cornwall camping treat. But first, how are the stats doing?

End Of Week 5 Stats:

  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Belly Circumference: 40 Inches
  • Blood Pressure: 129/80
  • Flatulence Levels: Boring!

Nothing too exciting about the stats really. Weight loss has slowed and leveled off, which isn’t a bad thing. Like I have said before the weight loss has been an added bonus. I plan to do some gentle swimming soon, maybe anyway.  Life is quite chaotic, and filled with many activities that I would like to do, it’s just the hours are not really there, so I may be just be telling myself porkies.

Week 5 Overview

img_3392Camping. What a wonderful word. Spectacular really. Read that word, what does it bring to the forefront of your mind. For me, I think of the night sky, I think of sleeping under the stars. Relaxation, like you’ve never felt before (after the tent is up of course!) Being in the open world at one with nature, at one with the elements. When you camp, you have the ability to slow down time. Your body is no longer controlled by the clock, and there is an inner peace and tranquility. No rushing around, no feeling of needing to do anything urgently. It’s calm and quiet, medicine for the soul.

img_3416What’s more, camping compliments a diet of meat. They really go hand in hand. Camping and BBQs. Meat, lots of cooking meat. An ideal holiday for 60 days of meat really. Light up the fire, throw on some meat and away you go.

There was steak, there were burgers, lamb chops, all kinds of protein filled fuel. It’s like going back to basics, minus the hunting. Of course there was no need for hunting, as the camp site we stayed on had its own small shop with fresh local meat. You couldn’t ask for more really. A farm, on the Cornwall coast with views overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Never before have I felt so privileged.


The view from the front of our tent!

In fact, I shall tell you about the place we stayed. It’s called Trevedra Farm , located just 1 mile away from Lands End. If you are into camping, which I suggest you try, then this is the one place I would recommend. The facilities are fantastic, toilets and shower blocks were almost spotless. I enjoyed having a shower, there was so much room, and  I even felt at home having a number 2!

img_3448As for the on site cafe. We used this once on the last morning. My word. It was fantastic and they were quite happy to change items around, swapping carby food for meaty food to make up a full breakfast.  Thank-you guys, much appreciated.  Of note here are the mushrooms; they do have a little carb content, but are an acceptable low carb treat, which I was quite happy to let slide down the back of my throat with their moistness.

For the rest of the week, breakfasts mainly consisted of bacon and eggs, cooked on a single gas stove. An essential for any hardy camper. There’s something exciting about boiling up a whistling kettle for an early morning cup of coffee on a little camping stove.

Now before we went camping in Cornwall, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to be too harsh with myself if I wanted to sample some local delights. In fact, I’ve said this from the start, that I wasn’t going to be strictly religious about not having the odd carb here and there. So far I have done well, even when my body had been crying out for it, especially in that first week. But I have resisted all temptations.  Now, here I am in Cornwall, a place of truly the most outstanding beauty. I mean, look at this beach we found at the end of a footpath leading from our campsite:




With somewhere so magnificent, would it be wrong to deny myself of the foods I enjoy?

So, I made a choice. It was not a choice that was brought about by a craving, as whilst I did miss many foods, chocolate included, I was still feeling that peace inside of my body. The contentment of eating meat.

No, this choice came from the fact that if I did suddenly eat something that was filled with carbs and sugar, I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. Essentially, I gave myself a holiday pass. For one day, I would allow myself to partake in the carb world again without feeling guilty.


There was a compromise though. Just down the road from the campsite was a little fishing village, called Sennen. Of course, it’s on the seaside, therefore there is the obligatory fish and chip shop. You will be pleased to hear, that I didn’t have chips. The thought of eating chips now just seemed pretty pointless to me. In fact, what once was a main accompaniment to most meals, I had no desire for. Five weeks of eating meat, and chips just seemed very unexciting. Instead, I just went for a piece of fish and a sausage.

Most of us will know that Cornwall is also home to the pasty. I have never had a proper Cornish pasty before. Sure I have had these small ones from the supermarket, but they are nothing compared to the homegrown version. They are monsters, they are full of carbs encased in pastry. But I had to try one. This was my first time on a Cornish holiday and it would have been rude not to try. I did this at my own peril, and later that night I paid the price.

A few hours after eating the pasty, back at base camp it began. I started to feel off. My stomach started gurgling and growling. Then, deep inside my chest it started to tickle, a warm feeling, a burning sensation, rising up from the pit of stomach and terrorizing me. In the back of throat, acid. Acid burning my insides. The occasional blast of acidic air hurtling out my mouth in the form of a small burp. A rejection from my body. Something that I had not felt in a long time.

Occasionally I suffered from acid. I haven’t had it since eating meat. But it came back with a vengeance. I ate that pasty and my stomach did not like it one bit. For a couple of hours, I couldn’t lay down, it hurt and wouldn’t let me sleep. It was like a little bit of torture. Eventually I managed to sleep, but the next morning my throat was sore!

So back to the meat I went.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned as we will be back again, back to the realities of life, away from holidays.

I shall leave you with some holiday snaps and hope to see you again soon.

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Thanks for reading!



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