60 Days Of Meat: Week 3 Complete

Welcome back to 60 days of meat and thank-you for continuing with me on this journey of exploration into the world of meat-eating.

In all honesty, this 3rd week has suffered a reasonably uneventful timeline, however for this weeks episode, there are a couple of items I would like to talk about. But firstly….

End of Week 3 Stats:

  • Weight: 184lbs
  • Belly Circumference: 41 inches
  • Blood pressure: 126/80
  • Flatulence Levels: I miss my rumbling ass trumpet!

The excess baggage is still reducing nicely. Another 3lb has been shaved off from last week, which is slightly tempting me to partake in a little light exercise as I’m liking this fine sculpture that my body is turning into. Not that it’s going to happen, it would scew my results.

You will be pleased to know that I’m still rubbing and patting my flatter belly with joy. On occasion, I can be found walking past a mirror exposing my hairy belly button-hole, sometimes with a finger inserted to pick out the fluff, sometimes not, and smiling to myself. It is indeed, still very satisfying, which in turn, gives me drive to carry on with meat consumption even when placed in somewhat awkward circumstances as you will soon learn.

So far very little seems to be happening with my blood pressure. There have been fluctuations here and there but nothing majorly worthy of note. I am hoping that in the coming weeks it may lower more, however, there are many compounding variables, so I’m beginning to think that it’s probably not possible to associate any changes to the diet. I will keep recording though as we are still in early days.


File_000Week 3 Overview

Yes, this week has been relatively dull in the way of exciting events. The cravings for carbs have all but gone, I only find myself daydreaming of the glorious tastes that sugar and carbs can offer on an occasional basis. My brain/body seems to have been de-conditioned to the effects that can be triggered by simply locking sight on a mouth-watering muffin.

A calmness has entered me. I feel completely at ease with what I am doing. My body seems to be very happy at the minute. It’s losing weight, I’m not shoveling shit down my throat at any given opportunity. There are no lingering headaches from rising in the morning and tiredness seems to have dissipated. Energy levels have found their balance and all is well within. All round I have found myself feeling less stressed and more content. What’s more, I can honestly say I feel healthier than I have done since before I had a carotid artery dissection back in 2012.

One of the problems I had on a day-to-day basis was joint pain. Due to my poor faulty collagen, i have often found that various parts of my body would be a little painful at times. More recently I have had a problem with my Sacroiliac joint. It’s interesting to note, that in the past week, since my body has stopped its intake of sugar, this has now vanished into thin air. Along with many other of my aches and pains. There are still some, but not as intense as they previously have been.

File_000 (1)Can I attribute this to the diet change?

There’s no real way to test if there is any direct link between the relationship of my joint pain and my diet. However, it is very possible that this may be another bonus side effect. There have been a number of studies that suggest that there is a link between sugar and inflammation. So with the sugar gone, it’s a possibility that my body is not in a constant state of inflammation like it once was.

I’m not going to go into detail or give any hard references, my job is just to document the effects of 60 days of meat on my body and the way it makes me feel. But if you like, there are many articles out there on the link between sugar and inflammation. To get you started here’s one written by a gentleman called Christopher Jones:

An osteopath explains: What’s the link between sugar and inflammation?

Earlier this week, I took a trip into the city centre. There was nothing too unusual about this specific trip; there was a mild annoyance at the fact that I couldn’t have a pasty like I would normally, but it didn’t bother me that much. What I did notice more, advertisements line the streets everywhere. We are visually bombarded constantly with adverts for food. At a reasonable guess, 90% of these adverts are for fast food or those that are full of carbs and sugar. The odd bit of salad here and there, but mostly rubbish. Burgers, chips, Pizza, everywhere you look.

Not only does this pose a problem to people on a carnivorous diet, but to people on any sort of diet. Every corner you turn, there’s something there staring you in the face, trying to entice you in and spend your money on their food. But of course, there is a lot of money in food, everyone needs to eat, if we don’t, we waste away. Simple. It is astounding how hard companies try to influence us into eating what they want us to eat. It takes will and determination to commit to, and stick to any sort of diet without faltering. So if you are watching what you eat right now, then well done, because we are surrounded by temptation everywhere we go.

But still, despite all of billboards offering these tantilising foods, the calmness inside me shrugged it off to allowed me to continue on this exciting adventure.

That’s all for this week folks

But please be sure to come back next week where I shall be taking a trip across Europe to Germany to see how 60 days of Meat fairs on the open road and in foreign lands.

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4 thoughts on “60 Days Of Meat: Week 3 Complete

    • Hi Gavin,

      Usually skip breakfast in the week, but at the weekends have bacon and eggs.

      Lunch, often tinned fish or left overs from the night before.

      Dinner is steak, chicken, fish, lamb. Just anything meaty . Sometimes with a bit of cheese for a change of taste.


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