60 Days of Meat: Week 2 Complete

Welcome back once again to 60 Days Of Meat.

Thank-you for taking the time out to follow me on this journey of dietary exploration.

Finally I seem to be managing to catch up to my future self and hopping into the, almost, present.  I have been looking forward to writing the overview for week 2 as this week I have some exciting and unexpected findings to report. Firstly lets take a look at the end of week stats!

End of Week 2 Stats:

  • Weight: 187lbs
  • Belly Circumference: 42 inches
  • Blood pressure: 124/77
  • Flatulence Levels: Still almost non existent.

Right away the benefits, weight wise, are being seen. Another 5lb has been knocked off making a total weight loss of 8lbs from when we first began this adventure. This can entirely be attributed to my new-found eating habits. Nothing has changed in the way of exertion or exercise. I am also weighing myself at the same time of day and completely stark  naked, so the result is not affected by different styles of wanna be cool dad clothing (remember the awesome picture of myself in the blue body warmer and superman t-shirt, well if you don’t, then don’t worry as it will make a return in a later blog post!) I should also mention that the same set of scales is used.

Of course with weight loss, comes a smaller belly circumference, with another inch gone taking the total to 2 inches lost. A slight problem accompanies this though, which I hope will sort itself out after the initial joy has subsided.  Without realising, I am often finding my hands wandering around my belly, stroking and patting away at its new shape. I sometimes grab my love handles that aren’t quite so big as they used to be and smile to myself. It feels good, it’s making me feel quite happy about the way things are going. After last week, this is quite a turnaround from the sadness and despair that was creeping in. I don’t want to concentrate on the weight loss too much, as whilst yes I was a little overweight, but it never really affected my mood as such. I am what I am, I weigh what I weigh, it has no effect on what resides inside my heart and mind. However, I can’t help feeling a slight sense of accomplishment from the fact that I’ve lost weight without really putting any physical effort it. It’s most satisfying!

What can I say about flatulence levels, not a lot, the bloating has about gone and with it the rumblings of a storm from the bottom have passed. I guess this is now just how I have to live for a while. Childish amusement is slowly dissipating into the ether … but let’s not linger on that thought as I have a remarkable discovery.

A little over a year ago, I downloaded an app for my phone. This app has been the source of much amusement and horror. Recently though, I haven’t used it much and it’s taken a back seat, much as a new toy is played with relentlessly for the first few weeks and is then left to gather dust in a corner, or wherever it may land and be forgotten about. What is this app? It’s a sleep talking app!

If you have never heard of, nor used a sleep recorder app, then you are missing a treat. It’s amazing and great fun, although it’s also a little scary at times. So you download it and go to sleep with the app running, and when it detects a sound it records it. Simple. Once you wake up in the morning you go through your recordings to listen to your nightly dream ramblings, burps or farts, or whatever noises you make when you are asleep. For instance, in my dreams, I become a bit of a philosopher. One of my more profound moments happened last year, when I cried out into the stillness of the night:

“If you want something, you will have to wait for it to come”

And then proceeded to go back to sleep. Sound advice? We will not mention some of the thunderous roars that also came from my behind, it’s quite amazing that trumps can be as loud while you are sleeping as they are when you are awake! But to get back to the point.

Upon using this sleep recorder app, it also came to light that I was a snorer. For some reason I have always strongly regarded myself as a none snorer. After all, how is it possible to know whether one snores or not? But to my horror, the sleep recorder app gave sound evidence. Every time it was used, there would be the sound of almost constant snoring throughout the night. For the past year this has not changed … until now.

The other night I once again activated this marvelous app to give it a try. When I woke up the next day, no snoring. Not once, all through the night. Quite astounded by this finding, I tried it the next night. No snoring! It would seem that changing my diet has also modified my sleep behavior. My snoring has disappeared. Simply amazing!

All in all, I have been feeling better this week. The first week really was a bit of a shocker. The withdrawals and the cravings were hard to bear. It would seem that we are now passing out of this phase and my body is beginning to get used to not having carbs.

There are of course a few negatives; I have been experiencing a mild feeling of sickness in my stomach. This has been occasional and usually around mid morning. A few mornings I have awoken with a headache, almost as if I have a hangover from a night of over indulgence in the alcohol, and tiredness has crept in at times.

There remains one thing that concerns me a little, which I will have to keep an eye on and counteract if required. My bowel movements are slowing. I had heard that constipation is commonplace on this type of diet, which with my underlying health condition is a cause for concern.

So food then. Just what exactly have I been eating this week?




Well, it’s been so much better. I was struggling with lunch times last week due to my non existent preparation, but I’m glad to report that is changing. Immensely.

Look what I’ve found. Ready to eat tuna and sardines to purchase right from the supermarket! How could i have not thought about these before. They have been a game changer for me. Not being a morning person, I can’t really be arsed to make snacks to take to work. Now I’m provided with fish in a tin. Whats more, they are so cheap! I’m saving money over my previous lifestyle carb-fueled sandwich fest!

Talking of saving money. I always thought that a diet consisting mainly of meat would be an expensive way to live. Fear not, it seems there are many bargains to be had. In my local supermarket they have a reduced area which, at certain times of the day, becomes home to many a bargain. All manner of meat can be had for £££’s off the usual price. It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


I will leave you with a few photos of some of the meaty treats I have had this week. I hope you are finding this journey informative, if so, please feel free to share it about. Don’t forgot you can sign up to be informed via email of new posts!

I fear there maybe some hard times ahead.  With holidays planned, will I be able to keep on the path of 60 days of meat, or will the pull of the carb become all too overwhelming?

Good night for now, and see you soon.

MJ Smith










8 thoughts on “60 Days of Meat: Week 2 Complete

  1. Constipation on this diet is largely a myth actually, not sure where you’ve heard that. Been at this for 2 1/2 years and it’s not an issue just something that people who haven’t tried it say so don’t worry….

    Liked by 1 person

      • Your not constipated unless you are struggling to pass a bowl movement
        , there is much less waste with this way of eating which means your bowls empty less frequently. If you do have problems eat more fat and they will soon start moving again


    • Hi,

      Breakfast I don’t really do, apart from the weekend. Usually this would consist of bacon and eggs.

      Lunch, on a weekday now seems to be consisting of mackerel or sardines in a tin, prawns, chicken legs etc (often what’s in the reduced section of the supermarket)

      Dinner, mostly consists of steak, lamb, fish. Again mostly whatever’s in the reduced section. Occasional take out of donner meat or a bunless burger. Oh and odd bit of cheese for a differing taste!


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