60 Days Of Meat: Week 1 Complete

Good evening one and all. It has been a few days since I have updated, past self doesn’t seem to be able to catch up with future self. With that in mind, I have come up with the solution of a weekly overview. Every Sunday/Monday evening I will endeavor to post about the previous week. This should mean the content is more concentrated and not full of needless waffle. Tomorrow evening I will update week 2’s overview, then we shall be back into the present! Forgive me, I’m new to this whole blogging and finding time to sit and write this is a little tricky.


End of Week 1 Stats:

  • Weight: 193lbs
  • Belly circumference: 43 inches
  • Blood Pressure: 131/84
  • Flatulence Levels: Almost Zero

So already by looking at the stats above and comparing them to when I started out on this challenge it can be seen that there are some changes. For a start I have lost 3 lbs and an inch around the belly. In this respect we are heading in the right direction. Flatulence levels though, kind of boring to honest. Whilst reaching almost zero levels of flatulence may be good, a big source of bedtime entertainment has been lost. No longer can I let out a cry from the mighty ass trombone at will, instead I am left squeezing out pathetic whimpering little farts.

Beyond the stats though, there is another little story developing. For a long time my stomach has suffered from bloating. Meaning that the size of my belly can change from one day to the next. I have never really noticed a pattern of when it does and doesn’t bloat, but there are certain foods that affect it more than not. This has been a constant problem and has also meant  I have tried to wear baggy T shirts as much as possible. Shirts have often been out of the question, due to the real fear of my belly suddenly deciding to grow and rip through the constraints of the fabric. Buttons would fly and the hairy monster would appear! We all know that no-one wants to see hairy fluff filled belly button jump out in front of them mid conversation. This now appears though to be a thing of the past. It’s early days yet, but my belly is taking another shape. The bloating has calmed down and my belly is appearing flatter.

The next body part that I noticed a significant difference. My Manboobs. Yep, climbing out the bath the other night I caught a sight of myself in the mirror. Before getting dressed, I took a moment out to admire what a fine figure of a man I am. I was instantly drawn to my chest, where it did indeed look to me like my mountainous peaks had shrunk a little more back into my body!

So far we are looking good, but the week hasn’t been without its turmoil. So let’s have a run through of what I’ve been eating and how I’ve been feeling.

Day 3


Once again I had woken up feeling a little groggy, of course this is only to be expected as my body is now changing. The carbs and sugar that were once in abundance were now becoming depleted.

Again I hadn’t followed the 6 p’s and prepared any lunch, but there was an ace up my sleeve that I had forgotten about. The image you can now see is a scrumptious breakfast plate which i managed to obtain from a shop around the corner from work. Everyone else in the office was ordering baps, which we all know I couldn’t have, so I chose to go for that little bargain. Bacon, black pudding and two eggs. Enough to keep any one going until dinner time, and at the same time, cheaper than a meal deal. I have to admit that I enjoyed eating it, but it would have felt that little bit better with bread encasing it.


The evenings dinner treat came in the format of gammon and egg. I have to say, Gammon is one of my favorite foods. It’s been a long time since I’ve tucked into this little salty meat monster, but it never fails to hit the spot and get my senses tingling. You will also notice the eggs again. They are becoming a common theme now in my life. In fact it’s quite remarkable the amount you can do with eggs Probably one of the most versatile foods on the planet, fry, scramble, boil, poach, some people even guzzle them down raw in some sort of weird mash up drink. The latter is not my cup of tea, I can’t quite imagine a slimy egg yolk slipping down the back of my throat, raw!

ketosisTo spur me on in this quest, something happened on this evening. I took myself off to the bathroom, unleashed the trouser snake from the confinements of it pants, and let fly a stream of…….sorry too graphic, I pissed on a Keto stick. Lo and behold, Ketosis had arrived!

After a couple of days, it turns out that ignoring the constant yearning for sugar and carbs is paying off.  My body has begun to reprogram itself. For fuel I am now producing Ketones and now my body may well start to reduce some of this excess blubber I have going on.

If you would like to know more about ketosis then take a look here:“Ketosis explained”

Day 5

Now we skip to day 5. Day 4 had been hard, the smell of chips from peoples lunches at work was fuelling my overwhelming need  to consume carbs. Sleep had evaded me well. It was like my body was reacting to being in ketosis. There was not one ounce of happiness in it, and by day 5 it all gotten a little too much!

I was that tired with a pounding headache that I hadn’t prepped anything for lunch. As much as i knew it was a problem , I didn’t feel that i could physically make the effort to prepare anything. So for Lunch I ended up visiting my bestie, Tessy Wessy. It was a crap trip, There was nothing that I wanted, nor cared for apart from something filling and bloat worthy. A bar of chocolate would have been ace, or even just a sandwich. Bread, just bloody bread would have been a marvel. I ended up with a packet of overly expensive prawns, luckily they had been reduced.

After finishing work, I had a drive to pick up my child. It was almost a 3 hour round trip, which I do every other Friday evening. Normally I would stop off half way at a garage, fill up with fuel and grab a quick snack, sausage roll was the usual preference, just to tide me over until dinner time when I arrived home.  Looking around the garage, there was nothing. Everything was just carb oriented. It was appearing that quick snacks are almost impossible with this way of eating in this day and age. More sadness and annoyance.

day5dinnerThe only saving grace of this day was the dinner that I arrived home to.  Knowing of my frustrations and cravings, my light in the darkness had made a little something that my eyes couldn’t resist. Spicy lamb, sat on an egg pancake and drizzled over with a minty cucumber sauce. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

day5kebabMy body and my mind were going into overdrive. I was full, but I wanted more, so much more. I wanted pizza, I wanted garlic bread, I wanted a big bad boy burger. I wanted a banoffee pie. My body and mind yearned for whatever they couldn’t have. The cravings had become so strong, it was worse than when I quit smoking. This was making quitting smoking feel like a walk in the park. Never have I experienced such a longing! There was no satisfying me this evening. I just wanted more.  After a few hours of pacing around, we ended up ordering a dirty kebab from the takeaway as an emergency filler. Luckily, after the box of delicious doner, I just couldn’t eat any more. I think I ended up filling myself to the point of feeling sick, so that thoughts of any food were too much.

It was so tempting to just give in to the cravings. It would have quelled my sadness and made myself and my body happy to go back to how it used to be, but I was determined to push through and see the week out. Results were starting to show slowly, my teeth seemed to be getting whiter and felt a little smoother on the tongue for a start. I was also spending less time on the throne, pushing out no. 2s. Over the weekend I also managed to resist a strawberry flan that was made by the hands of my mother. Usually they would make me weak at the knees and I would crumble! But I was still determined to beat this and see it through. At least, the first week anyhow.

So for now, I thank you for taking the time out to read this blog and I look forward to typing away again about next weeks challenges and benefits. In the mean time, take a look at a few of the images below, sign up to to be notified by email when another post is made and feel free to share away.  Oh and please feel free to make a comment if there is anything else you would like me to add to the blog.






5 thoughts on “60 Days Of Meat: Week 1 Complete

  1. Usually black pudding contains some grains: wheat or barley or oats. Not sure that this matters but this little “indiscretion” can sometimes result in increased appetite in some people. Yes, I am splitting hair but being on ZeroCarb diet I am very particular about these things.
    Good going though. Nice to see the numbers going down, I am sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi beata,

      Yes it great to see some improvements after the first week. It’s not been easy letting Go so far, but getting there slowly. Black pudding is a bit of treat that I have always had every now and then, so trying not to be too hard on myself and leave a little leeway.


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    • Hi Adam, thanks for your comment. Feedback is always appreciated.

      If you read on, you will come to see that my diet is around 99% meat. On the odd occasion I have eaten a little cheese, or cucumber to add a touch of variety.

      The idea behind 60 days of meat is to try a follow a diet, which is simple, yet effective, and to explore the advantages / disadvantages of eating mostly meat, eggs and fish, with minimal plant matter.

      Most of all 60 days of meat is about changing eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle with minimal effort, worry or stress.

      And so far it’s turning out to be bloody marvellous.


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