60 Days Of Meat: Day 2

DAY 2:  1st August 2017

Welcome back to day 2 of 60 days of meat. After last nights feeling of something lacking, sleep was also lacking. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, getting caught in the bed sheets and getting annoyed with myself. My head wouldn’t empty itself of thoughts containing all things sugary. There was a craving which lasted all night. The craving was a mild version of how I felt when i first quit smoking. A longing deep down inside my body. Was it my heart yearning for something it couldn’t have? I haven’t been long off the sugar, but my body was soon realising that there was no intake.

I awoke from what little slumber I had feeling groggy. The alarm had gone off but it hadn’t really registered. I’m quite lucky in the way that I’m not a breakfast man, because once again i was behind schedule. If truth be told, I have never  been a breakfast man. For quite a few years now I have found that unless I have been awake for at least 2 to 3 hours, then any food that passes my mouth and into my stomach causes me issues. I’ve ended up finding myself bloated, and having to visit the toilet to drop the kids off, multiple kids at that, like pellets from a bb gun! (Also known as doing a number 2). So breakfast is a no no, apart from weekends.


Meat from a camping trip the previous weekend

My poor attempt at getting out of bed led to not being able to prepare anything for lunch. By the time lunch had come around my belly was beginning to to make some of those gurgling noises. As with most days, Tesco would have to be the port of call, (please note if you are following my blog, Tesco is my local supermarket near work and I prefer to call it TESSY WESSY, so from now on you may here this quite often…I also have a strange infatuation with supermarkets!!)

As preciously stated, my usual purchase for lunch is a meal deal consisting of sandwich, crisps, drink and a bar of chocolate. These items are located by the entrance, so it’s a swoop in swoop out scenario. Just minutes of my time are taken up unless I check out the hot food counter for a reduced bargain on a pasty or a steak slice, something nicely filled with carbs. But of course today is different. I’m not and haven’t been following the 6 P’s!

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

My total lack of preparation led to wandering around Tessy Wessy like a total idiot. I was hungry, in a shop full of food, yet I couldn’t find a damn thing to eat. Or I could, but it just so happened that the thing I wanted to eat most I couldn’t. I found a nice pack of reduced jam and cream finger doughnuts. They are messy, the cream gets stuck in the beard and the sugar makes your lips sticky but by jove are they satisfying! Somehow resisting the temptation I moved along the fridge aisle and found a safe bet. Chicken drumsticks. Cooked and ready to eat, 6 of them. Just open the packet and away you go.  This little escapade made me realise, that actually, I need to think a little more about what I’m going to eat. There needs to be some sort of preparation  and thought into this. I can’t just wing it as otherwise I will be walking up and down aisles all day looking for carb free foods.

The afternoon after that was dismal. I felt quite sad about the jam and cream finger doughnuts. I felt a little defeated in that I didn’t really know that much about what I can eat. I felt tired. I always knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but I thought the task of choosing something nice looking and nice tasting would have been simple. Perhaps to a veteran low carb/zero carber then it would be easier, and hopefully as I learn and understand more it will become easier, but today just felt shit.

Funnily enough, something happened on the way home to pucker up my spirits. I wish I had been able to get a picture, then I could have shown you, but I was driving and that’s not the done thing. As I was driving along minding my own business, mind slightly drifting off to thoughts of all the wondrous treats i was giving up and how i was going to get through it, there it was. Up in the sky, emblazoned by the rays of the sun. A giant floating penis.  A cloud leisurely travelling through the sky shaped like a penis complete with shaft and testicles. It amused me immensely and I probably laughed more than I should, but perhaps it was the universe sending me a little something just to see me through the day.

From that moment the day got better. I arrived at the homestead to a lovely treat. Salmon, burger and eggs benedict, cooked by the other half. And it did taste damn fine. When I think of myself eating meat for the next 60 days, I think the greatest portion of my meat intake will come from fish. Fish and white meat. I do like a good bit of steak but if I had the choice then I would be choosing fish every day.

I found this evening that I wasn’t craving too much. Perhaps this is because I was tired. I can already feel my body changing a little. My Gas Problem is almost non existent and my bloating stomach doesn’t seem to be as bad.  What I can take from this day is that I really do need to look more into what does contain carb and what doesn’t so it makes my life a little easier. I have to smarten up and follow the 6 P’s!! I will also endeavor to take more pictures so I don’t have to add random ones from previous adventures like above!

Goodnight all. I will speak to you on the morrow!!







2 thoughts on “60 Days Of Meat: Day 2

  1. No matter the diet, it’s so tough to be consistent without meal prepping. I’ve toyed with low carb but unfortunately I was still eating too many carbs to go ketogenic so I just felt like crap after a few days without getting better. Glad the universe could send you a dick joke on a rough day.


  2. The concept of the 5 Stages of Grief really does apply to changing to a meat centered diet. The addiction to carbs is physiologic that has an emotional component. I like ved the cloud description! Men in my Zero Carb Health FB group (there is also a ZC UK group) have reported improved libido along with improved ability. Maybe a vision of things ahead? One can hope!

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