60 Days of Meat: Day 1

  • Blood Glucose Level: 4.4 mmol/L
  • Cholesterol LDL: 4.27 mmol/L
  • Cholesterol HDL: 0.83 mmol/L
  • Blood Pressure: 129/86
  • Weight: 14st (196lbs)
  • Belly Circumference: 44 Inches
  • Flatulence Levels: Horrific but entertaining to a point

Greetings one and all. If you have returned from reading my previous post then I thank you for coming back. If you are just joining us, then welcome to my 60 days of meat adventure.

The above figures are the statistics that I am going to be monitoring throughout the 60 days. Blood/glucose levels, and cholesterol levels will be checked again midway through at 30 days, then at the end of the 60 days. Blood pressure, weight, and belly circumference will be monitored weekly. Flatulence levels, well they are flatulence levels, there’s going to be a constant monitoring of my noxious gases for the fun element!


The Last Carb Filled Breakfast

Before I begin my diary style recordings, I would just like to share with you my last carb filled breakfast and share a little background info. Please see image to the left.

It has taken a while to decide that I’m actually going to devote time and effort in taking on the zero carb challenge. For the past year or so I have ummed and arrrred, I even, at one point,  had a go for a week, but very quickly stopped. I tend to do this with many things, such as quitting smoking. I pondered for almost 2 or so years, stopped for a week or two at a time, but never really quit. Despite all the warnings against my health and the costs of partaking in the habit, I loved it. I enjoyed having a smoke, until one day i suddenly turned around and stopped. From that point on, I committed myself to stopping and hey presto I stopped. So here we are, all committed to the task at hand and raring to go!


DAY 1:  Monday 31st July 2017

Yes, notice the date, I am a few days behind typing up my notes. This is actually future me typing about the past until I catch up with myself, so you may in fact see a couple of days posted on the same day until present self and future self meet.

Today was pretty much a washout, but I guess my first day was always going to be filled with nuances. To begin with, I woke up and lost my wallet. When I realised my wallet wasn’t where it usually was, I was gripped by an immense panic. I had no cash, all my banks cards resided in said wallet. Most importantly, my driving license. In a few weeks we are driving to Germany and without my driving license that kind of screws the whole plan up. I emptied both bedside drawers, ran around the house like a lunatic and pulled out a little more of my non existent hair. Eventually i returned to the bedroom, sat on the bed and unbelievably there it was, on the bedside cabinet! Sat right in front of my eyes as plain as day! So of course, this led to no time for preparation for lunch at work! Twat!

Dinner was also skipped due to having a doctors appointment, so by the time afternoon came my stomach was gurgling away at me demanding nutrition. Around 5:30pm, I managed to each a small slice of beef and a slice of turkey from the fridge just to satisfy the beasts calls and tide me over until my partner in crime came home from work.

It wasn’t until around 8pm came that I finally got to quench my hunger. Normally by now, I would have had a Tesco meal deal special for lunch, consisting of a sandwich of some variety, a packet of crisps, usually quavers and a bar of chocolate all washed down with my favored drink of Pepsi Max. I would late have had an evening meal, bath and then be almost ready for bed.

meltedTonights feast was the first proper venture into zero carb. A mighty meat, right proper treat. Steak, Denver steak and Rump steak to be precise, fried in a pan with a side of scrambled eggs, which consisted of 5 eggs mixed with butter! It was nice. I’m not even one for cooking really, but I actually enjoyed doing it. So easy just to whack it in a pan and away you go. For future reference though, one must take note that if a plastic flipper is used to flip over the steak, it must not be left on the side of the frying pan. Why, you ask? Because heat and plastic don’t mix. Yes, I managed to melt the plastic flipper! My culinary skills are like a ninja in Doc Martens!

How did I feel after eating this. It felt like there was something missing. I was full, my belly was satisfied with what it had, but something was lacking. The sweetness that I have become so much accustomed to just wasn’t there. A sweet dessert would have finished the evening off nicely. Alas this is no more!

Oh, I also only managed one pathetic little bottom belch! I’m used to rip roaring belters and within a day my flatulence has become almost non-existent. Mind you there was only one meal! I’m sure a new day will bring better prospects.

Until tomorrow, where hopefully I shall be remembering to take pictures of what’s been thrown down my throat.



















One thought on “60 Days of Meat: Day 1

  1. Love the humor interjected into serious circumstances. One day in a row is a good beginning, followed by another and another. All we get is this day. I’m so glad you are trying ZC and letting us in on the experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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