When was the last time you took a moment?

14725557_1761529494089670_4413755060651399732_nHey you….yes you, I have something to say to you. I want to congratulate you. I want to say well done, you are doing fantastic. In fact, no, I want you to do something. Ask yourself when is the last time you looked in the mirror and gave yourself a pat on the back. When is the last time you took a moment and realised just how far you have come?

Whatever you are going through right now, whatever you are doing right now, whatever you have gone through in the past or are about to go through in the future, right here, right now in this very moment you’ve made it. You have made it this far and that is a remarkable achievement.

Life is fast paced, relentless, it can be a cold harsh place, and it can also be beautiful. Too often is the case that we don’t stop to remind ourselves that we are doing it, we are getting through, we are breathing, we are moving forward and we are facing everything that life throws in our paths. Through the trials and tribulations, through the everyday experiences and challenges, we are living, we are breathing and we are surviving. Be proud of yourself, hold your head up high and say “Dammit yes, Bloody well done me!”

So please go, take a minute out of your day, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Forget about everything for this one single moment, let it all go, empty your mind. Just look at your reflection, smile and simply say the words “Well Done”, because you deserve it. You do deserve it….Well done.

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